Real conversation on hair length and merm-ified units of measurement.

the look



seeing a hot stranger in public is a blessing

seeing the same hot stranger in public again is a sign

Whenever the same hot person appears twice in public it is a good year to plant corn as it will be the most golden and juicy by the will of the gods

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Drunken Lego Harry Potter is best

Seriously tho if anyone in your life at least once a day says “If you don’t do it you’re just saying you don’t love me” you need to get miles away because that is shit and it is a flashing signpost on the windy road to anxiety and depression (Siblings and self as prime examples)

Secretly get drunk in your room together on a Tuesday and discuss your mothers emotional manipulation techniques #justsisterthings

This is also acceptable

Imagine this: Avatar Porrim, with her tattoos glowing...


for a second i read “Avatar Porn”…

even the tattoo part made sense with that thought.

but yeah, Avatar Porrim… uh… she’s kinda sexy… tattoos… umm, i probably should stop writing now.

I have drunk every day since I got back to chch send me ur strength


Orly anon???